Kitchen Beautician!

DIY Kitchen Beautician
If you are unable to get in for a salon treatment here's a home treatment
that works wonders!

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You need...
Half a cup of soft brown sugar - brown sugar contains natural AHAs & it is more gentle than white sugar so it's good even for sensitive skin.
Two teaspoons of honey - honey is naturally high in antioxidants and helps skin retain moisture.
Two teaspoons of Lemon - I also used almond oil as it contains vitamin E and is super moisturising on dry skin, but you can use other oils too like olive, rosehip and walnut.



Mix brown sugar, natural honey & a little lemon to apply and gently scrub for 1-2 minutes, concentrating on the rough patches, with anti-inflammatory, moisturising, antibacterial and
exfoliating properties, these household items easily combine into a fresh
mask scrub that will leave your skin glowing!

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